New Chapters, New Experiences, New Doors Opening.

Hello soon-to-be graduates ! I'm talking to all of my seniors starting with high school and beyond. It's important to capture special moments, especially academic ones! I still have my high school, undergrad, and graduate pictures framed in my home. I earned every one of those accomplishments and I proudly hang those photos!  Images become a part of history and your personal legacy. Your images tell your story and will continue to tell your story forever. It is my mission to help you document your life and contribute to your legacy by capturing beautiful, real, emotional, images that tell your story. I'm here to help you AFFIRM who you are.

Your Senior Experience includes:

Wardrobe consultation

Location curation

Posing guidance

Canvas wall art option

Luxury collection sets (most popular)

Makeup (optional)

and so much more!

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